Welcome to my site dedicated to fiction writing. Well, it is not solely dedicated to fiction, but it is dedicated to stories, whether fictional or non-fictional or thoughts on writing stories. My real name is Joshua Wingerd, but i blog under lil fytr, so perhaps (soon in the future) you have picked up a book with my name on the cover.

Regardless, I hope you find something here that you enjoy. Anything from historically set short stories to entirely fictional stories set in a galaxy far, far away will be posted here. In addition, updates and peeks on my larger writing projects will be found here.

Per usual, my goal is to focus on biblical themes, even if heavily veiled within a story. This is how i can creatively glorify God with my favorite hobby.

The picture at the head of this page represents a vantage point, one of the many things stories include. I could have selected a picture of the same mountain with no porch fence in front of it. The porch fence makes you feel like you are actually there on the hilltop looking at the mountain across the valley. This is my goal in my writing: make you feel like you are in the middle of the action.

Thanks for visiting, and enjoy your stay.